Huawei and Atempo have launched joint programs with strong business-driven characteristics to respond to rapidly evolving market demands:

  • Customers needing to protect large volumes of unstructured data that can no longer be fully backed-up using legacy backup solutions
  • Companies needing to back up or archive large file data sets to the new Huawei Fusion Storage object storage system
  • Projects needing to migrate mission critical file data sets to the Huawei file storage system
  • NAS Workflows requiring automatic migration of cold data to the new Huawei Fusion Storage or to a public cloud.

No Down Time

Data migration is done while users are working as usual. 

Keep your existing storage in production while doing all heavy migration in successive and automated batches.

New levels of performance, reliability, and scalability for mission-critical data

Moving petabyte-scale data volumes between existing storages and high performance NAS or object storage requires high levels of performance, reliability, and scalability. 


The joint solution leverages Atempo’s flexible architecture based on highly versatile Data Mover farms to deliver an optimized data throughput on par with  network and storage capacities. When a customer needs greater levels of backup or migration performance, we can simply add additional Atempo Data Movers to adjust to the increased workload. 


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